In the interest of data protection, allow me to tell you what happens if you contact me either through the contact form on my website or directly by email.

There isn't a corporate machine analysing data, building profiles and mailing anyone here. It's me, Richard. I have a computer and I have a phone. My emails go to both of these devices and I keep a record of all the conversations we have.

I never contact anyone unless responding to a request or to follow up to see if everything is satisfactory - Once our business is done, you won't hear from me. You know where I am if you need me again!

There are no newsletters, no mailing lists, no calls asking if you need work doing or anything like that.

My phone and my computer are password protected and nobody else has access to these systems, so your emails to me are securely stored. Oh and I would never share your contact details with anyone. EVER.

This website is hosted by SmugMug, they have their own data protection and privacy policies. When you order directly through this site you are dealing with SmugMug on that transaction, not myself directly.

Ultimately, I've done what I can to protect your data to a reasonable level.

If you would like me to delete our email exchanges, let me know and I'll happily do that for you.


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